Rabai Community Based Organization - RACBO, Mombasa, Kenya

Promote growth and development of Rabai through all relevant interventions to ensure quality living standards of the community. Objectives and Powers a) The CBO is established to: 1. Promote food security within the household level through agriculture (Both crops and livestock production) by availing farm inputs to the Rabai community and linking farmers with markets for their produce. 2. Promote farming as a business 3. Development of horticultural crops production in the region dominated by maize, cow peas and cassava. 4. Provide extension services to farmers on crops and animal production to enable farmers acquire necessary skills and relevant agronomic practices to enhance food production. 5. Poverty eradication through increased food production and marketing of agricultural produce to increase the people’s income 6. Promotion of social farming groups in the form of Kibutzs co-operative movement in Rabai to promote wealth ownership by Kibbutz members. 7. Establish irrigation agriculture through drilling boreholes and establishment of dams to enable Rabai farmers grow food and cash crops all year round. Other Objectives 8. Promotion of good nutrition within the household level 9. Promotion of maternal health care amongst pregnant mothers through creation of a local health scheme for pre-natal and post-natal care of expectant mothers 10. Empowering the youths by training them on agricultural based knowledge and skills. 11. Establish fish ponds for youth groups in the relevant Kibbutz to increase their income 12. Promote growth and development of Rabai through all relevant intervention to ensure quality living standards of the community. b) In furtherance of the said objectives and not otherwise, the CBO shall have the following powers: I. Subject to such consents as may be required by law, solicit for donor funding/aid for projects, raise money, borrow money and accepts gifts on such terms and on such security as shall deemed to be necessary. II. Raise funds and invite and receive contributions from any person or persons whatever by way of donation to the organization III. Organize for farmers’ seminars, farmers’ field days, workshops, farm and home visits and public barazas IV. Liaise with the relevant government ministries and departments in the local area to achieve the stated objectives V. Collect and disseminate information on all matters with other institutions having similar objectives whether in Kenya or oversees. VI. Purchase, take on lease or in exchange, hire or otherwise acquire any property and any right and privileges necessary for the promotion of the objectives and construct, maintain and alter any other building or structures necessary for the work of the organization VII. Cause to be written or otherwise produced and circulated gratuitously or otherwise such papers, books, periodicals, pamphlets or other documents as shall further the said objectives. VIII. Subject to such consents as may be required by law, sell, let, mortgage, dispose of or turn to account all or any of the property or assets of the organization. IX Do all such other lawful things as necessary for the attainment of the said objectives. Box 82678 - 80100 Mobasa A community Based Organization Mombasa Kenya Call: +254713079817, +254729166105
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Rabai Community Based Organization - RACBO, Mombasa, Kenya

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"Briefcase organization. Nothing is actually happening on the ground. A milk cow probably"