Lukhanyo Lwabantu Community Organization, Cape Town, South Africa

Lukhanyo Lwabantu is hosting a fashion show on Saturday at 14;00 kwamfundo secondary school you are invited to spend time with us Lukhanyo Lwabantu Community Project is a registered non-profit organization that renders services in the greater area of Harare, focusing mainly on child abuse awareness and counseling services. Lukhanyo Lwabantu Project was established in 2013, by a dedicated and concerned community member with one volunteer, after a very sad incident of a 5 year old child who was sexually abused by her father repeatedly, and her sad case was discovered by the community member. She worked tirelessly in efforts to assist the child and the family of the child concerned through counseling and support services. More and more gruesome incidents of child abuse related cases where further discovered in the Ndlovini area, and it was discovered that most of these cases go unreported as a result of the community members lacking the knowledge and resources to empower them with regards to the challenges they face. Apart from the above, Lukhanyo Lwabantu Project renders the following programs: o Support Groups for victims of child abuse o Support groups for HIV/AIDS infected and affected people o After care school programs and holiday programs to get children and youth off the streets This project has discovered that Ndlovini area is one of the areas in which these services are most needed, and are of vital importance. Occupying land in this area would ensure that services are brought to the people, and the objectives of ensuring the children are kept of the street will be met. This project will be a beneficiary to the community of Ndlovini especially for the children coming out of school, as they will be equipped with social skills and skills to protect themselves in the community. Youth care programs will include behavior modification programs, as well as social skills that will teach them good decision making skills. Parenting skills will ensure that the parents learn good parenting techniques in order to raise in-depended children, who have will be able to fulfill their goals and dreams in life. 37272 Dala crecent harare khayelitsha 7784 Cape Town South Africa Call: 0783081101
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Lukhanyo Lwabantu Community Organization, Cape Town, South Africa

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