New Life Community Organization, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

The goal for NLCO is to educate, train and support poor people in and arround Addis Ababa with few or no other opportunities. Almost 25.000 have been helped so far and with your help we plan to continue with this work. New Life Community Organization is Non-Governmental Humanitarian Organization legally established and started its operation in Ethiopia in year 1994/95. Our vision is to see that marginalized children, youth and women living in Ethiopia enjoy a New Life free from poverty. Our mission is to develope children`s, youth`s and women`s potential and create an enabling environment that ensures their participation in devlopment. Consistent with its development philosophy, NLCO has four strategic programs designed to develope the human capital formation. These are: *Human Resourses Development (Education & Vocational Skill Training) *Health & HIV and AIDS prevention *Gender & Development *Income Generation Human Resourses Development: The human resourses development program has got two major components. The provision of kindergarden and primary education and Technical & Vocational Education and Training Program NLCO has been educating 15.000 children and youths up to present time in its kindergardens and primary schools situated in Addis Ababa and other administrated regions. In addition to that the non-formal education program has been educating 3.500 children up to today in all NLCO`s schools. NLCO has been training 5.000 women and youth since the commencement of this service delivery up to now. The training centres are similar located in Addis Ababa and other administrated regions. NLCO has: *1 college *4 primary schools *4 kindergardens *6 vocational training centres *4 non-formal education schools *1 microfinance institution Call: Phone Norway 004740290152 Phone Ethiopia +251911217231
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New Life Community Organization, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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