Grambangla Development Organization Bangladesh, Dinajpur, Bangladesh

We can feel the power of the question? Of things or what? Energy will be managed by such an organization of friends. Orphans and vulnerable children in the way of displaying the power and means to secure the protection of the orphanage. Items in this area Our vision:: We at Shakti Children Orphanage want to realize the full potential of our children. We want to ensure that they will be able to reintegrate their community as healthy, happy, responsible and independent adults. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our mission:: Shakti Children Home mission is to cooperate and collaborate with local authorities and members of the community to offer a chance at life and a new start to orphans and other endangered children. We aim to give them a first-class education, access to necessary health services and, above all, the opportunity to grow up healthy and happy in a safe, caring, warm and familial environment.
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Grambangla Development Organization Bangladesh, Dinajpur, Bangladesh

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Category: Non-Governmental Organization (NGO)
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