D-LAB Visual Media Organization, Indian NGO.

It is an NGO which helps people to witness the lives of different people around the world in person with the help of visual media. This way the society has the clear idea of the real problems faced without which a perfect solution cannot be materialized. “Soul of Andhra” We are here to Establish the Project named “SOUL OF ANDHRA” as we know each person has its own responsibilities in making the world clean. On this case we are humbling to know and learn about social calamities and social challenges. and involve ourselves in Girl child, Education, Water, Food, Crops,Living & Nature (Rural Development) in Andhra Pradesh villages. We are going to establish the new world, for that we elected the new way that is VISUAL MEDIA. It delivers visual activities that are happening beside of everyone in the society regarding every social challenges. we are humbling to cascade the deep subjects knowledge, show them what actually social challenges are and why are happening ? who is responsible ? what part we have in making them eradicated , and what is our responsibility. To make “Soul of Andhra” dream comes true we need all your willful sure support and also we need little economically helping hands to fulfill minimum basic requirements to complete the project.
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D-LAB Visual Media Organization, Indian NGO.

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