Community Television Network, Portland, United States

CTN is about building community through creative video. Whether your genre is documentary, comedy, drama, news, or new media, CTN is the place to start! The mission of CTN is to educate, connect, inform and facilitate creativity through various aspects of video production for the entire greater Portland community regardless of skill level or means. *Benefits of CTN Membership for Nonprofit Organizations* Nonprofits organizations who become members of CTN have a video production department virtually at their fingertips. The following benefits offer your organization access to more than 70,000 households in the Greater Portland area and will help you build your online presence through the use of video. At CTN, individuals, businesses, and nonprofits have the opportunity to work with CTN to create: 2-3 minute Organizational Profile Video 30 to 60-second Public Service Announcements (PSAs) 5-minute Member Highlights Single-Speaker Events and Presentations Member Web Page on the CTN website Member Announcements & Events on the CTN website Please visit our website ( or contact Executive Director Tom Handel if you need more information, want a tour, or would like to get involved! Tom Handel: 516 Congress St 04101 Portland United States Call: (207) 775-2900
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Community Television Network, Portland, United States

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