Luxury Bag- Malaysia&Singapore - Exclusive, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Designer Bags with Affordable Price & Attractive Design! Payment By online tranfer to Maybank/CIMB account. Details will be provided upon confirmation. All sales are final. Items sold can not be changed or refunded. Why Rejected? Branded production factory producing hundreds and thousands of bag everyday, during production period some bags might have some defects due to workmanship negligence and have not met the QC requirements. These bags are rejected due to flaws in their sizes, weight, stitches, or mild scrathes, hot stamping etc. Why we said "NO longer 100% authentic"? Most rejected item will not come with full spec, factory will destroy the bag by removing the authentic accessories example like hardware, strap, handle, logo, zipper, buckle, turn locks etc. Production factory removes all the accessories as it is recyclable on other bags. Hence, we collected and repair it to make it and resell to branded bags lover as a "Authentic Rejected Bag". The design and material of accessories which we replace are still same to the authentic ones. We will fully replace any lack accessories part on the rejected bag with high quality non-authentic accessories spare parts. Is the leather still Authentic? YES, the leather is still genuine on a rejected bags. We try our best to only collect leather fully pass quality control. All our handbags are carefully handpicked to avoid flaws that are visible and defects that affect the overall exterior. Rejected bags are not verified by the boutique if you bring to them for some service, cause their computer system don't have the codes of it anymore, and all the bags’ code had been cut. We have been dealing worldwide online for the past 10 years. We check every piece of bag carefully and make sure the flaws and defects would not affect the overall exterior as we know mostly our buyers are high profile status background, and we protect and care for our customers long term dealing with us. We take advantages of the lower retail prices of the lower retail prices of certain countries, wholesale rates and exchange rates which is why we are able to source for our goods at a lower price and in return, offering great saving to you. Now you can save 50-70% to get your dream branded designer goods for LESS! Customer may make a way turn if have doubt on us, if by putting a 100% perfect high expectations on rejected stuff and for picky customer we might advise you pay high price purchase straight from retail boutique. LEGAL DISCLAIMER: We are NOT affiliated or claimed to be a representative nor an authorised dealer of any of the brands listed here. All trademarks, brand names, and logos mentioned in our offers are used for identification purposes only and are the registered trademarks of their respective companies. 本店出售的包包是专柜下架货, Duty Fees 免税包包。全是100% Original/Authentic Leather Handbags! The Garden South Tower Midvalley City 59200 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Call: 014-9999309
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Luxury Bag- Malaysia&Singapore - Exclusive, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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