K&Y Luxury BAG

Branded Imported Authentic Guarantee LV/HERMES/Chanel/Prada Handbag/wallet/others ALL the products are Duty Free Price All the products from boutique/outlets.We are provided procurement service from Europe.ALL THE PRODUCTS is free defect and perfect same like branded boutique quality products and more various choices compare Branded boutique. All the Branded products can purchase in the lowest and affordable price from K & Y LUXURY HOUSE. Selling 100% Original Branded products in our pages. 全部名牌产品都是europe代购回来的!都是一批和其他顾客的包包一起代购 我们的货可以比专柜低价购买从K&Y LUXURY HOUSE公司。我们售卖都是100%正品的货。 Refund: All the products sold out AND NO refund money... We won't refund money those who someone bought from my company and said it is fake products.If you can get formal verification invoice issued by any branded shop or branded boutique.We will pay back 100% price to you. Only have serious defect on the products.we can 1 on 1 exchange it.
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K&Y Luxury BAG

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