HLW NY Fake Print Bag Malaysia 马来西亚官网

Founded by a young out-of-the box designer and his team since 2007, using cutting-edge unique 3-D technology, HLW has created many IT-bags that people crave for and its now available here in Malaysia. Chosen meticulously by the designer himself, the IT-bags made from prime nylon are light and handy, trendy and stain resistant. We wish you a pleasant visit to our stores. We pride on being eco-fashionable and sustainable. May we care for our beloved Earth. 2007年,Halloween Fake Print Bag在SOHO NYC诞生,它是由纽约一位设计师与他的团队转印了许多包包,并研发出独特的转印技术。 HLW第一个使用转印技术并设计转印了一系列包包,现在,我们要将这个全新的Green Fashion带给热爱时尚的你们。
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HLW NY Fake Print Bag Malaysia 马来西亚官网

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