The Cupcake House, Chennai, India

Cupcakes for the cupcraves in our very own chennai City.... . What more can be fun than these bite-sized sweet treats which adds that extra kick to every Occasion. We make gorgeous cupcakes which are beautifully handcrafted and tailor made to suit any occasion . Be it a Birthday, Wedding, Engagement, Baby Shower, play date our home made cupcakes have been a dominant desert. Every order is made with high quality hand picked ingredients and by cracking every egg and measuring every cup of flour & sugar and using real butter in our goodies which makes its way right from our kitchen all the way to put the smile on your face . So to curb your cupcraves call +91-9789857063 to indulge in our sinful delights as You deserve nothing but the very best ! Local Business 600020 Chennai India Call: +91 9789857063
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The Cupcake House, Chennai, India

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