Cozaana local business, Edgewater, United States

Unique Silver Work by Carlos Zepeda Cozaana is named after the Mayan creator God.I am a native Belizean silversmith and I was greatly influenced by my Mayan surroundings. I now reside in the United States. I have created a beautiful line of unique silver jewelry.All of my work is handcrafted and original in design.My signature pieces feature magnificent pieces of conch which are brought in by locals fishermen. I select the brightest conch shell and each shell is carefullycut and placed in handcrafted .925 sterling silver.In additon , I feature the distinctive conch spirals which are embedded with gemstone.I aslo continue designing fabulous pendants , rings, necklaces and bracelets with array of gemstones that I have obtained throught the Central , South America and the US. Call: (301) 488-8141
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Cozaana local business, Edgewater, United States

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