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An online business plan writing company specializing in local business. BPL was started by Rob Place, Yale MBA & entrepreneur ------------------OUR SECRET SAUCE-------------------- Local Business and Only Local Business Competing business plan companies say they’re experts, but how can they be experts in local business plans if they’re also writing plans for venture capitalists, tech start-ups, bio-tech companies, IPOs and private equity financing? We focus on what we do best: helping local businesses create a plan that works for their owners and for their lenders – nothing else. Experience Our experience lies in our area of specialization. You can have confidence in our abilities, interests and background. Rob Place has been a business plan educator and NYC business plan competition judge since 2007. He’s been the senior loan officer of a NYC community loan fund, underwriting loans of up to $100,000 for small, local businesses. He’s a Yale MBA, a blog publisher, and a local business owner himself. Set Fees Haggling is no fun. In fact, we hate it as much as you probably do! You’ll know our price before you call us, so you won’t have to worry about pricing negotiations or sudden increases in pricing mid-way through the project. We are able to keep our prices low and consistent because our overhead costs are minimal and because we specialize in only one kind of business – local business, like yours. Customized Plans We have designed our core services with helping you secure financing and creating a helpful business guide in mind, but if you’d like to customize any of our products, just let us know. We’re happy to work with you. Collaborative We’ll begin the process by asking how much advice you want from us, and how involved you want to be. We prefer clients to be actively involved in the creation of their business plan, but we understand if time doesn’t allow for your involvement. We’ll work with you on your schedule and create an environment where we work together to craft a fundable business plan. Giving Back In 2002, Rob co-founded an economic development project in Africa while serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer there for three years. The entrepreneurs he worked with sparked his interest in entrepreneurism and small business financing and he’s committing 10% of Business Plan Local’s revenue to a microloan fund in Africa supporting women entrepreneurs.
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