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為新手而設,提供攝影資源導讀,小編團隊有問必答,各小編出文屬個人意見,啱睇就睇,歡迎對post的內容討論,正反都得,為免題外爭論,非討論內容的留言即刪,如有投訴或建議請inbox ■ 這裡由《DCphoto 攝影雜誌》的編輯團隊主理,更多的攝影訊息,請到我們的網頁: ■ 這裡是社交網絡的「粉絲交流平台」,純屬網編與讀者即時交流的閒談式個人意見,以新手為對象,不代表《DCphoto 攝影雜誌》的正式立場, ■ 網編行文用語務求口語化及輕鬆,個人意見無法讓每個人都認同,因此:不喜勿入! We are a Hong Kong-based Chinese photography magazine which has published since 1987. We include interviews with worldwide photographers in our magazine to introduce excellent photographic works to our readers. Photographers and photography buffs, if you would like to have your works shown to our wide reader base, please pm or email us via! Show Hong Kong and the rest of Asia your amazing photos! Call: +852 28154284
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Photo Magazine 攝影雜誌

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