Kidzact Non-Profit organization, Yarmouth, Canada

SYLLABUS: NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF TEACHERS OF DANCE (NATD). CLASSES: ACROBATICS, BREAK-DANCE AND HIP-HOP. THE KIDZACT MOVEMENT Engaging youth in activities that fosters confidence, team work, sense of achievement, ambition and development of a positive social culture are the main objectives of Kidzact Association. This registered non-profit group involves youth of south western Nova Scotia in different styles of dance that drives the hip hop movement. The kids are coached to reach their full potential as a dancer and stage performer. Dance has been regarded as a non-verbal form of human communication and has been an important part of human culture since the beginning of civilization. Participants of the Kidzact groups have shown a cooperation and camaraderie that is independent of race, sex or social status. The teen culture that has evolved in the urban areas of south western Nova Scotia is one that shows an immaturity from the lack of courage for independent thinking. Use of tobacco, drugs, underage drinking and teenage pregnancy is prevalent in this culture. Kidzact was formed to encourage individual refinement through education and the fulfillment of group aspirations and goals. The strategy is to give rise over time to a new teen culture with positive social influences affiliated with the hip hop movement. National Geographic states hip hop is “the world’s favorite youth culture” which seems to have developed globally. Early hip hop culture is credited for reducing inner-city gang violence because dance and artwork battles replaced physical violence. Kidzact promotes a shared set of values, goals, attitudes and practices that characterizes the organization. Each member signs a contract to remain drug, alcohol and tobacco- free. The kids take ownership in the performance product that is offered to the public in a family show of high energy dance routines including acrobatic tricks of the break-dance style which has proven to wow audiences of all ages. Kidzact also exposes these youngsters to industry professionals from shows So You Think You Can Dance as well as America’s Best Dance Crew. Working with these professionals over the past couple of years has given our dancers a confidence and ambition that is reaching beyond the stage. They are discovering their potential despite being from a small community. These media dance professionals keep in contact with Kidzact kids on Facebook and text messages. 275 Main Street B5A 4B1 Yarmouth Canada
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Kidzact Non-Profit organization, Yarmouth, Canada

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