I Stand Against Violence Non Profit Organization

i Stand Against Violence Is a Non Profit Organization that stands against Bullying and Violence this organization goes into the community to reach the people who have suffered. We put emphasis on issues like bullying to reach out to those who are at risk to become a bullying and those who are at risk for reing bullied. We are here to intervend before the courts and jail system has to intervene or the city morgue which is the las stop. by the hands of violence or lost a family member to violence. Our organization gives the family members a platform to speak about the wrongs and injustices that they have had to suffer from the hands of violence. Giving the family members a chance and a voice to speak out on hate crimes, black on black crimes and violence in the community. We are here to stand against violence SILENCE IS NO LONGER AN OPTION WE MUST STAND AGAINST VIOLENCE RACIALLY MOTIVATED HATE CRIMES BULLYING IN OUR SCHOOLS ACROSS AMERICA ESPECIALLY BLACK ON BLACK CRIME IN OUR COMMUNITIES . Call: Sonya Townsend 404-951-2439
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I Stand Against Violence Non Profit Organization

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