Triskelion Organization, Quezon City, Philippines

ABE International Business College Fairview Campus Chapter The TAU GAMMA PHI Triskelion Grand Fraternity [ABE FAIRVIEW CHAPTER] was founded by the Founders namely: Berms Salbalion, Jayson Acosta, Darwin Castillo, Luigi Soriano and Daxx Laurente on February 17, 2012, whose aim is to cradle a brotherhood of good hearted individuals who want to be role models of the school and its community. It envisions a society of communally aware and mature, educated, socially responsible, globalized, well rounded and free-spirited individuals. Each member shares a common interest that helps the fraternity to be more involved in the society through enhancing and developing their academic talents and joining extracurricular and social activities. TAU GAMMA PHI Triskelion Grand Fraternity ABE FAIRVIEW CHAPTER has been actively participating to different inter-department and inter-school programs and competitions and has already contribute numerous projects and community services. These collaborative efforts proceed to the Triskelions true mission of serving the school and the community in the course of inspiring, sharing the talents and keeping peace and order to our collegiate community. Call: 09176677602
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Triskelion Organization, Quezon City, Philippines

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