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N.I.B.I. Resource Group- Neurological Impairments and Brain Injury Resource Group- ASBISG.ORG About me: Almost dying 6 times on 10/12/03, it changed my life forever. I was in a automobile accident with a friend. My friend broke his leg in 5 places and left the hospital in a week or so. Luckily he ended up alive! I had fractured both wrists, both ankles, 8 ribs, and my skull. I was supposed to be in the hospital for 2 years but I recovered and I was out in 3 months. We were both totally blessed! Since, I worked as Event Coordinator for the Council for the Head Injured Community (CHIC) through the Brain Injury Association of New Jersey and also worked at Hartwick at Oak Tree Extended-Care Unit of Johnson Institute in Edison, NJ as a Volunteer Recreational Therapist - providing treatment services and recreation activities for individuals with disabilities or illnesses. Using a variety of techniques, including arts and crafts, sports, games, dance and movement, drama, music, and community outings, therapy to improve and maintain the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of their clients. Help individuals reduce depression, stress, and anxiety; recover basic motor functioning and reasoning abilities; build confidence; and socialize effectively so that they can enjoy greater independence and reduce or eliminate the effects of their illness or disability. All this makes a person appreciate their chance to live from a totally better perspective! It completely did for me! I simply think I was lucky and fortunate. In making light of the situation, I aim now to be there for the people who can't or don't know how. Working in the medical field for half my life and being the patient, I was asked by the state of New Jersey, to be a mentor for brain trauma patients - to help them, their families, and other outsiders learn the affects of brain trauma. I went to the Hartwick Brain Trauma Unit of JFK Hospital in Edison, NJ - both as the patient and then as a mentor. I'm being supportive of the things that no one could ever understand or know how to comprehend with, aside from being the patient. I have found out from other patients what it has been like - The criticism, ridicule, lack of understanding, emotional distress, and the discrimination are what a number of us have seen. It is wonderful being supportive of these people but I am determined to teach people, to educate people who do not know and need/want to learn. I've been there. Making light of what I went through, I help others. There's something more to make out of a really bad situation. People wonder why brain trauma patients reach out to others - why we ask for help, why we need them. This is why. We help! As a group and to help each other, it is crucial if you are a member of the group, to include yourself in the discussions that take place. BE INVOLVED. W need to know how you are involved in the Brain Trauma Community and to speak up! That is support. How can we improve giving support if we don't talk? I am creating a medical professional list... a question and answer list including where to go, definitions, and facts vs. beleifs. Next will be a caregivers' corner, ie. -parents with children who have had a TBI, -children taking care of parents with a TBI, -friends and family need to understand a TBI. Anyone have other ideas, please let me know and I will add more! Thank you! Michael Idell 209 Rues Ln 08816 East Brunswick United States Call: (718) 702-5077
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