European Public Law Organization, Athens, Greece

International Organization promoting the European values through public law in a dialogue of civilizations worldwide. The European Public Law Organization (EPLO) is an International Organization with headquarters in Athens,Greece.The EPLO was established on 21 June,2007 as the continuation of the European Public Law Center,founded in 1995.Today 13 states,the European Commission,the Council of Europe and 63 Universities and institutions from all over the world are represented in its Board of Directors. The EPLO develops,organizes,promotes and supports scientific,research,educational,training,teaching and institution building and other activities,and provides assistance for democratic institutions worldwide. In order to accomplish its purposes,the EPLO promotes the cooperation with other institutions,in particular organizations in the United Nations system. To this date the Organization has executed more than 200 projects and activities in over 60 countries. The EPLO actively supports the initiatives of the European Group of Public Law,including the European Review of Public Law,as well as the Academy of European Public Law,initiatives highlighting the development of the field. 16, Achaiou st., 10675 Athens Greece Call: +30 210 7258801
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European Public Law Organization, Athens, Greece

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