Humble Hearts Organization, Chicago, United States

Humble Hearts is a 501(c)3 Non Profit Company that collects Clothing, Furniture, Food, & Misc. items to recycle them back out to people in need. For over 15 years I have been doing whatever I could to help the needy, and less fortunate. I was blessed to buy a building back in 1999 on the near West side of Chicago leaving me with a full basement to store things that I would collect along the way. Everything that I could collect was for the sole purpose to help anyone who was in need. In 2011 with the encouragement of my family moved me to take my passion of helping the less fortunate, and turn into a company so that through networking I would be able to help more than one person at a time ….. Along came the birth of our home based company Humble Hearts a Non for Profit Organization running out the basement to our home. Our Charity Organization is to Feed, Clothe, & furnish the less fortunate…..Helping all in need with dignity. We don’t judge we just want to help get you out of your situation. I know personally that it takes an accident or a situation to place you in your position we at Humble Hearts do our best to lead you up in spirit by offering clean cloths, fresh water, hygiene products, food and furniture when needed. We help all ages, races, and genders if we can’t get it we’ll ask around for it or seek other resources to see if other organizations can help. We are just a humble family based company where we take all sorts of donations to pass along. We redistribute your items to single moms, homeless, children & people in shelters. All items are welcome as we will find a home to place them in. If we are not able to collect donations then we are not able to help those out there in need. Donations are how we are able to run our Organization as we take Monetary gifts, furniture, Household items, Food donations, Can goods, bedding, New, & Used clothing, and so much more. So please skip the Good Will, and Salvation Army who will make a profit off your donation, and hand them over to Humble Hearts who will make a profit just by a smile, & knowing we did something good for someone. Your donations will help us help those in need; Email us at for a list of items we take. Our list will consist of things in need, where they go, who benefits from what and why it’s important for them to receive. If you are in need, & not sure what we can offer or do for you give us a call we are led by many resources, and will do our best to help you out. Thank you and God Bless 3003 W Fulton St 60612 Chicago United States Call: (773) 322-2997
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Humble Hearts Organization, Chicago, United States

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