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Jwand welfare Organization - JWO, Khyber, Pakistan

we are non-profit and non-political Organization, working for vast welfare of humanity without any discrimination of caste,color,gender,creed and religion. "Jwand " is Pashtu Language word for "Life" .we are non-profit and non-political organization working for vast welfare of humanity without any discrimination of caste, color, gender, creed, culture, sect and religion. Our Mission: Mission: To Assist and promote equalitarian society where every common person has the ability to avail his/her basic rights of Health, Education and legal human rights Our vision is to build and strengthen healthy, educated and up to date society for sustainable Long term socioeconomic development. Legal status of JWO: we have been Registered with Directorate of Social Welfare khyber pakthunkhaw with Registration no DSW/KPK /4168 under the voluntary social welfare agencies (Registration and control) ordinance 1961 (XLVI of 1961) Main Objectives: • JWO has to work for the general prosperity and betterments of humanity at grass root level. • Health related Issues and chronic disease’s awareness among target community. • To help, assist and promote educational activities under available resources. • JWO has to work against human rights violations. • JWO has to work on social development, behavioral change through mass awareness, social mobilization for participatory human development. • Struggle for the Women rights, and Children Empowerment • Promoting equalitarian society: • To protect dignity and respect of vulnerable communities, women and children during armed conflict, displacement and emergencies. • To prevent drugs addiction in target area: Key Areas: Health, Education, Human Rights, Youth Development, Health hygiene awareness, Capacity Building, and Environmental protection etc. Working/ Target Area of JWO Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pakistan Organizational Structure: JWO has main three head in Organization Structure: 1: General Body (Permanent /life time member) 2: Executive body (Seven Members elected by General body) 3: Project Staff Source of Income: • Members Subscription • Donations from the well-wishers • Donations / Funds from the district Zakat office / Foreign Donors JWO Implementing Programme and Projects 1. Cancer Awareness Campaign: Jwand Welfare Origination has the self funded Program for Cancer awareness assistance program .Under this program training and seminars are continual conducting in different functional areas in order to assist and help against Cancer protection and aware common people. The program provides help and guidance to affected patients, Our Project team guild patients for financial support Application. 2. T.B control program Jwand welfare Organization is also building awareness campaign about TB in Lahore east and west with the help of KP TB control program. Our project team conducting training and awareness session with community. and support vulnerable patients under available resources. 3. Community led total sanitation program (CLTS) is also ongoing project of JWO.The objective of this program is to declare target area Open defection free (ODF) in specific time period, and behavior change through trainings and workshops. Under this program our training expert train local community about and CLTS through PRA tools . Future plane • We have plane to make some arrangement for water and Sanitation. And to keep the streets and drains of the village clean especially rubbish are taken away from the village on weekly basis. To Provide Free Medical treatment of Vulnerable and chronic diseases . • We have plane to arrange to free medical treatment/help to needy person on weakly bases and to provide medicines of headache, cold, fever, flue etc free and other diseases free and to support and protect Community against these common diseases. • To identify the vulnerable people and help them regarding their issues. Identify their problems and sort it out its solution under certain circumstances. • We have also plane to identify drugs addict people and make some arrangement for their free Medical treatment and become them a valuable part of community. In addition to the above JWO keeps strict observe over the ambiguous persons to avoid any mishap of terrorism. JWO is also trying to control the intoxicative drugs and herein uses in the community. Swabi 23570 Khyber Pakistan Call: 03149496170
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Jwand welfare Organization - JWO, Khyber, Pakistan

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