Horizon Relief Organization, Sulaimanieh, Iraq

Non Profit, charitable organization Aiming to serve society with the scope of Education, Health and Culture. Horizon Relief Organization is a nonprofit NGO, established on September 15 2013, by a group of young activists who have been working together as early as 2008 during their early university years. The name is registered at the Iraqi Kurdistan Regional Government Department of NGOs officially as a non profit NGO since the establishment date, registereation no. 1118K. The work of the organization is volunteer based, and currently 50 officially registered active volunteer members, with different educational backgrounds that alltogether form a complete team who can behave like one tender hand to help with ascending the steps of civilization in the society, and work through good impression and positive impact in terms of encouraging the community towards positive change. Kurdistan Mall building, 2nd floor, office no 10. 46001 Sulaimanieh Iraq Call: 009647727722002
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Horizon Relief Organization, Sulaimanieh, Iraq

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