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Welcome to visit page of Youth and Children for Freedom Organization (YCFO). I. ORGANIZATIONAL PROFILE 1. Name of the organization (including acronym) Youth and Children for Freedom Organization (YCFO) 2. Contact Details .Contact Persons: Mr. Yong KimEng, Chairman of Board of Directors Mobile Phone: (855) 16 828 211/90 828 211 Email: .Contact Address: House N°: #540, Street34, Sangkat Stoeung Meanchey, Kan Meanchey Phnom Penh, Cambodia Email: FB Page: Youth and Children for Freedom Organization 3. Type of Organization of Youth and Children for Freedom Organization (YCFO). Youth and Children for Freedom Organization was established in July 22, 2013 by a group of youth from universities as well as those who are willing to work with youth and want to promote rights and freedom of youth and children in order for them to have an opportunity for participating in decision-making and free themselves from violation of their rights and freedom. Youth and Children for Freedom Organization is a humanitarian,non-political party and non-governmental. Youth and Children for Freedom Organization is committed to working with and for youth and Children for positive social change by improving and promoting youth and children to participation on different social issues relevant to Cambodia. Youth and Children for Freedom Organization strive towards an improved framework for respecting human rights, democracy, gender, and health, and the empowerment of young people by the government and other stakeholders utilizing principles that encourage youth participation and recognize youth’s role and works. 4. Legal Status: On 06 September 2013, YCFO was registered as an independent non-governmental organization a non-profit, non-governmental organization through an authorization letter -Reference No. 1433 S/Ch/N- issued by the Ministry of Interior, Cambodia. 5. Vision: Our vision is to see Cambodian youth and children live with rights and freedom with the full support of society. 6. Mission Our mission is to provide education to youth and children so they gain greater knowledge on rights, freedom, welfare and vocational training/ technical knowledge. Knowledge acquisition increases advocacy skills which build equal opportunities in youth decision making with encouragement from their communities. 7. Goal: Our goal is to promote the rights, freedom, welfare and skills of youth and children so they have more opportunities in decision making in their community. 8. Core Values: YCFO’s Core Values are as follow: .Participation: we believe that the participation will bring more ideas, create ownership, transparency and shared responsibility. All YCFO’s work must adhere to this principle and participation from the staff, volunteers and stakeholders are encouraged. .Gender: we believes that gender equality and equity can empower the vulnerable groups and gives them a chance. All YCFO‘s work must adhere to this gender principle. .Good gorvenance: we communicate with each others with open process of the implementation of our work, transparency and responsibility for stakeholders, especially, financial management with transparent principle for all stages. .Responsibility: all staffs have to work with increased effectiveness and effeciency based on proffessional standard recognized by stakeholders and donors. 9. Objective: .To promote women’s and children’s participation in decision making at grassroots level. .To encourage community (people) to recognize the roles and rights of youth and children in development. .To build and strengthen networks of youth and children to have full capacity to advocate for their rights. .To cooperate with other stakeholders for promoting the rights and freedom of youth and children in order to provide vocational trainings and share information with each other on issues, concerns and needs of youth and children. II. ORGANIZATION MANAGEMENT Youth and Children for Freedom Organization is facilitated by management team members lead by chair of Management team(MT) members, who are recruited by the board of directors, composed of five people. The management team members include the President, Program Manager, Financial and Administrative manager. A policy and internal regulation under the provision of the by-law was developed and approved by the board of directors, in order to provide guidance for the MT members. In the organization policy, the frameworks of the financial issues were determined in order to provide a transparency to the staff, members, partners, and donors. III. ORGANIZATIONAL POLICIES AND PROCEDURES: To ensure transparent and accountable governance of all operations within the organization, YCFO has policies and procedures as bellow: .Organizational By-laws .Human Resource Handbook .Financial Policy .Child Protection Policy .Sexual harassment policy .Conflict of interest policy .Procurement policy .Corruption policy .Youth promotion Policy .Complaints Mechanism .Gender Workplace .Drugs and Alcohol in the Workplace IV. WORKING STRUCTURES 1.Governing Board: YCFO’s governed by a group of Board of Director made up of members who have high reputation and extensive experiences in organizational development and management and diversity of expertise such as education, financial management, research, human resource management, gender, and monitoring and evaluation. YCFO’s Board of Director plays a critical role in providing strategic direction, and assisting to implement workplace policies to ensure that YCFO’s strategic goals and projects are achieved and also in enhancing the governance accountability within organization. The Board of Director shall consist of 5 to 7 members who will be invited by Management Team who have good work records and have a stance in respecting human rights and democracy. Boards of Directors have a mandate of three years. YCFO’s board of director is to ensure the sustainability, transparency, and accountability of the organization with volunteer role to monitor the tasks of the Executive Director. Another important role of the board of director in this program strategy would be to remain accountable to the donors with the Executive Director. In most of the practical ways, YCFO board of director also regularly checks and approves the work plan, budget plan, activity reports, and financial report. In this particular program paper, the board of director has worked on it carefully and approved for the implementation. By the way, the MT members might consult with the board of director for the guidance of the implementation and in seeking of more funds. 2.Technical Advisor YCFO’s the new organization and staffs are young and have limited capacity and experience in managing the organization as well as to carry out the organization vision and mission, so, the technical advisors are working with the voluntary base like the board of director as well. However, in some circumstance with the approval from the board of director, any advisor could be hired as part-time or full time consultant to assist YCFO in managing its organization including fund raising, capacity building, and activities implementation. 3.Management team members The Management Team (MT) is responsible for the strategic leadership and management of the organization. It is a forum for discussion and decision making on all programming and operations issues. The management team makes up of Executive Director, Program Manager and all unit head collectively represent the Management Team (MT). MT meetings are in rotation chaired by it members– Decision making on issues outside programming and operations such as disciplinary issues require endorsement by President. 4.Executive director In article 09 of the by-law, YCFO’s executive director is selected by Board of director. The executive director ensures the implementation of this program strategy with quality, accountability, and transparency. S/he has roles in supervision of all staff in the operation. S/he therefore is also accountable to the donor with the board of director. However, s/he is under the supervision of board of directors, and in important cases, he could not make decision alone unless the active members agree. V. KEYS ACTIVITIES: YCFO has main activities to build capacity on peace and rights for community people, youth, children and relevant stakeholders and soft skills to youth in communities and skills. The mains activities as bellow: .Raising awareness on good governance and transparency: conduct trainings for community people, youth group, commune council members, and other stakeholders for understanding the conceptual of human rights, democracy, gender, accountability, transparency, climate change, and well-being of people. .Youth Network Building: we will recruit young activists to participate in its youth Networks. YCFO’s Youth Networks are commune-based programs designed to encourage a greater participation of youth on local issues. A. Encourages for youth participation in promoting social accountability for both local authority and local people for their community development though various local advocacy efforts – coordinating petition drives, attending commune council meetings, attending public forums and other activities organized by concerned institutions. B.Solidify the organization of the program so Youth Network activists may be mobilized to represent YCFO in their communes on relevant national issues relating to youth and/or democracy. C. Children Network Building: We will recruit active children from community and select from NGOs partners to build network and work with them based on child protection policy. .Advocacy on right to youth and children health: YCFO will advocate to improve the government of local authority so that youth and children will have access to a quality of health care as well as an effective policy to promote youth and child health. .Vocational training: Training youth and children who dropped schools to have skills for initiating their jobs by themselves or applying for jobs. The training will be focused on information communication technology, small entrepreneurship, repairing computers, telephone, refrigerators…etc. .Natural resources management and climate change: YCFO will work to preserve the natural resources such as forestry, lake and rivers to have sustainable resources for the next generation. YCFO will also train people on importance of the natural resource and impacts of climate change as well as building capacity of youth and children networks at local level to have capacity to manage natural resources for their continuous communities. YCFO also trains people on their right to access the natural resources especially the sub-benefits. Call: (855) 17 739 061
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Youth and Children for Freedom Organization, Phnom Pen, Cambodia

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