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Welcome to the official page of the NHS Organ Donor Register. Here, we’ll share inspiring stories about how becoming an organ donor can help save lives. Every year you help us save thousands of lives by signing up to become an organ donor. Over 21 million people have signed up to donate their organs after their death to help someone else live and every year we save thousands of lives in the UK. However, there are still around 7000 people waiting for a transplant and sadly, on average 3 people die every day whilst waiting for a suitable organ to become available. With your help, we’re working to lower this figure. To become an organ donor in the UK, you must be on the NHS Organ Donor Register. To register, you can call 0300 123 23 23, fill in the form under the ‘Register Here’ tab on this Facebook page or visit To join, amend or remove your name from the NHS Organ Donor Register you must contact us using the methods above and inform your family of your wishes. Please share your decision with those closest to you. Statistically only 45% of families agree to organ donation if they are unaware of what their relative wants. Sharing your decision now can make it easier for them in the future. Be sure to also follow us for Twitter updates @NHSOrganDonor About our Facebook Page: Racist, sexist, homophobic or other abusive/offensive content or "trolling" is not permitted. Content deemed to fall into these categories may be deleted and the users posting it may be removed from the group. Petitions and requests for financial donations from our fans are not permitted and may be removed without warning. Please use our page to continue the conversation about organ donation, without abusing our supporters.
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NHS Organ Donation

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