Passionate Youth Development Organization (P.Y.D.O), Peshawar, Pakistan

"Peace-we want" "COMPANY OVERVIEW" PYDO is a group of energetic youth of Pakistan, with a belief that they are responsible enough to ensure a better future of Pakistan. PYDO aims to make Pakistan a progressive and a tolerant country by empowering its charismatic youth, educating the communities, and by promoting the concept of entrepreneurship. PYDO is registered under Social Welfare’ Registration Act XXLI 1961, Distt Peshawar. OBJECTIVES: Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) To align our activities with MDGs in following sectors 1- End Poverty and Hunger 2- Universal Education 3- Gender Equality 4- Maternal, Newborn and Child Healthcare =Entrepreneurship To contribute to reducing poverty by creating and growing enterprises, generating jobs and income opportunities for men and women =Education System To implement a new education system with major focus on practicality and implementation. =Gender Equality Eliminate unlawful discrimination and harassment (on grounds of sex, and of gender reassignment) and promote equality between men and women =Maternal, Newborn and Child Healthcare To reduce mortality rate and provide basic health care facilities to mothers, newborns and children. =Youth Empowerment To empower youth and engage them in positive activities. =To bring Social awareness regarding the basic issues our society is facing =To arrange Seminar, Conferences and training sessions to benefit the youth =To work on different projects for the betterment of our society Unviersity Road Opp. Custom House, peshawar, Pakistan 25000 25000 Peshawar Pakistan Call: Asfandyar (+92)345-9220485,
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Passionate Youth Development Organization (P.Y.D.O), Peshawar, Pakistan

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