S3 Boston: Singles Social Sports League, Boston, United States

Boston's Only Singles Sports League! Sign up as an individual or with a few friends. Half Girls. Half Guys. All Fun. We realize that many of you might probably don't know what makes S3 Boston different than the other sports leagues out there. I have had a few bad experiences where I felt like the “odd man out” on a team of lifelong friends, and frankly, I never showed up to the games. I've also felt like the games were too competitive and nobody was interested in socializing after the games. I wanted to take a few moments to share with you a few things that really makes S3 unique. First and foremost, everyone is single. The people you will meet are real, sweaty and in t-shirts. They share a few laughs and cheers with you on the field before continuing on for drinks and activities at our sponsor bar. Socializing becomes seamless as the weeks go on with the entire league, not just with your team. In the 4 short weeks that our Summer Softball League has been running, many have already formed incredibly close friendships and even 5 romantic couples! Almost everyone signs up as an individual or with a friend and teams are split up evenly—half men, and half women. We ask everyone beforehand to tell us their skill level (ranges from never played before - almost went pro). We fit you on a team of peers from your age group and do our very best to even out the skill level across the teams. Since the majority of people sign up as an individual, we also host the "Meet Your Team" event where you can introduce yourself to the league, share a few laughs, and decide on a team name. Beginners are welcome and encouraged to sign up. In fact, our favorite thing to see is an experienced player helping out a new-commer. In a city filled with students, expats and fitness junkies, it only makes sense to give everyone a chance to find a new favorite sport. Last but not least, our goal is to have fun. We are a recreational league that actually promotes laughs over competition. We plan league wide events so you have ample opportunity to get out and have fun with your new best friends. We play hard and party harder. So what are you waiting for? Register today!
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S3 Boston: Singles Social Sports League, Boston, United States

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