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D.A.D.D.S. Sports League (DSL) Frequently Asked Questions What makes the DSL different from other Sports Leagues? We are D.A.D.D.S./child-centered and have a holistic approach to increasing the overall health of our participants. D.A.D.D.S. will be encouraged to include their children in league play. If D.A.D.D.S are healthy, families are more likely to maintain a healthy lifestyle. In addition to League play, DSL participants will have access to health seminars which will address topics such as nutrition, healthy food choices, how to increase activity levels, etc… Prior to the start of League play, ALL participants will receive health screenings to collect baseline data regarding their overall health. We will track the improvement of our DSL participants during their League play. Why focus on D.A.D.D.S.? Multiple studies have indicated that a D.A.D.D.S. health has the following effects on the health of the entire family: 1. D.A.D.D.S.’ BMI predicts son’s and daughter’s BMI 2. Physical fitness of daughters negatively related to their D.A.D.D.S obesity 3. Obesity of D.A.D.D.S. associated with a four-fold increase in the risk of obesity of sons and daughters at age 18 4. D.A.D.D.S.’ inactivity is a strong predictor of children’s inactivity 5. Obese Children are less likely to report that their D.A.D.D.S. were physically active than non-obese children Do I have to be a father to participate in the DSL? No, participants do not have to be D.A.D.D.S. to participate in League events and activities. What sports are offered in the DSL? League play/competition will take place in the following sports – Basketball, Softball, Flag Football, Golf, Tennis, Soccer, Bowling and MMA. How long is a League season? How much does the League cost? Each season is 10-15 weeks. Prices vary and can be found online at Are there different levels in the DSL? There are three fitness levels in the league. * Jump Start - Participants have low to no level of physical activity. This group will consist of fathers and children who currently do not exercise or who deemed at risk after their initial health screen. * Junior Varsity - Participants have medium fitness levels. Participants in this group usually work out up to 2 days per week and are deemed to be moderately healthy after their initial health screen. * Varsity - Participants have a higher level of physical fitness. Participants in this group usually workout 3+ days per week and are deemed healthy after their initial health screen. Call: (866) 87DADDS (873-2337) ext. 301
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DADDS Sports League

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