Buddy Ball, Clarksville, United States

Buddy Ball Special Needs Athletic League provides individuals who have a mental and/or physical disability the opportunity to play sports Any individual, age 3 through senior adult, who has a physical and/or mental disability is invited to participate in any of the Buddy Ball sports and activities. Opportunities for participation include: Basketball Baseball Bowling Cheerleading Christmas Parade Family Picnic Christmas Party Spring Prom Easter Egg Hunt There is no charge for participation. Games are held once per week during each sport’s season. There are no additional practices. Teams are grouped primarily by age, then by level of ability. Buddy Ball is aware of the extra expenses incurred by the families of individuals who have disabilities. Because of this, Buddy Ball does not charge any fees to participate. We rely entirely on private donations and the generosity of area businesses and organizations to operate. 1249 Paradise Hill Rd 37040 Clarksville United States Call: (931) 647-6333
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Buddy Ball, Clarksville, United States

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