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An online shopping destination for all kinds of trendy clothing. Dress up delivers orders worldwide! to order please in email on Dress Up Boutique, is an Exclusive Fashion Quality Brand in Local & International Market. Mission We are committed to providing high quality services even under the tightest budgets. It is inspired by the international trend of making high end fashion affordable and high street retail friendly within a more accessible price bracket. We never compromise on "Quality" Our goal is to communicate with our clients ideas into high-impact designs with best material solutions. To deliver exclusive designer garments at affordable prices. Company Overview We are an Online Global Fashion Quality House based in Pakistan with the Label created to make easy availability of Exclusive Designer Dresses in Casual | Formal | Semi-Formal | Heavy Party wears | Bridal wear with Pure Quality & Highly Professional Work. We book order worldwide. We also sell original Branded Dresses of Pakistani designer’s to local and global clients making your shopping experience better by purchasing the desired product at your door step. Description Our Rules: -Customers have to make 100% advance payment. -Customers will have to pay the Delivery Charges. -Once the order is placed it can't be refundable. - Prices are variable to change over time: Since the prices of the inputs, fabrics and the raw material for making the dresses, change over time, hence the prices given on the pictures of the uploaded dresses can be outdated and we reserve the right to change the prices. However, it is difficult for us, to keep a track and edit all of the prices of our products, on the pictures. Hence a different price for a certain dress can be given at the time of buying/ordering than the price quoted on the pictures, if the price have been added long before. You can view the prices on the pictures as an estimate price. Those quoted prices are valid only within a close time of adding the prices. We reserve the right to change the prices over time. For the final price of a certain dress that you intend to order, the best way is to contact us via email or message us on Facebook. A Replica is a copy that is relatively indistinguishable from the original. However, while ordering Replicated Designer wear, please keep in mind that Replicas are not exactly same, there is always a slight difference, between the original shown in picture and the Replica. We also provide details upon which the replica will base. Replica’s will made with 80-90% precision. Returns Policy for Garments: Garment orders are based on the measurements/sizes that you provide on our website or by email, phone or fax. Dress up will not be responsible for any inaccuracies in the final product (your custom order) in lieu of the measurements provided. Please note that before dispatching an order, we take photographs and record videos of each measurement part of the dress and keep them in record so that if any misfit case arises we first investigate it by checking measurements from our library. We do not accept returns or exchanges of custom orders. If they are sent incorrect, defective or not fit in accordance to the size ordered we'll offer you a free fix. At Dress Up, we want you to be delighted every time you shop with us. You can always return items if they are defective or sent incorrect. Please know that you must provide us a written record of the reason for return or exchange within 48 hours of receiving the item. Custom, Oversize, or hazardous items cannot be returned. Items that have been used will not be accepted as returns or exchanges. Items which have any stains, emit, body odors or perfume scents, have any kind of marks, damages or water stains will not be accepted for returns or exchanges. There is no refund for shipping and handling charges. Listing and Descriptions: Dress Up makes every effort to ensure that the product descriptions and photographs provided on this web site are accurate and life-like. Whilst the reproduction of colors and styles contained on the photographs shown on this website are as accurate as image and photographic processing will allow, Dress Up cannot accept responsibility for slight variances in co lour or style. However, as the actual colors you see will depend on your monitor, VGA card, resolution of your computer, browser used. We cannot guarantee that your monitor's display of any color will be accurate. Amend Your Orders: Any amendments can be suggested within 24 hours from the receipt of the order. Any amendment to the original order after 24 hours may be subject to additional charges which will be determined after reviewing your requested modifications. NOTE: PRICES ARE VALID FOR 4-5 WEEKS MAX SO ALWAYS ASK FOR NEW PRICES WHILE PLACING YOUR ORDER DO NOT MISUNDERSTOOD.THANK YOU ! General Information Terms and Conditions: - Serious buyers; - Strictly no refunds, exchanges, cancellations, back-outs. - Colours shown in picture(s) may differ in actual, keeping in view that PC screens always depict different colours. - A tentative duration will be provided to the client. As the items are customized, it would take 10-15 days for delivery. We will not compromise on quality, hence, cooperation is appreciated. - Embroidered dress may take 10-20 days for delivery. - Reservation is on the basis of first come-first served. Reservations will be cancelled after 3 days. Preference will be given to the client who makes prompt payment. - Customers are informed to purchase at their own risk. We will not be responsible for any damage or loss during delivery. - Due to certain factors that beyond our control, there may be variation in the time of delivery. - Terms and conditions are subject to change. - Buyers will bear shipping cost. For further details do not hesitate to contact us. Happy shopping ! © Official Page 2015 All rights reserved ®
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Dress Up Boutique Shopping / Retail

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