Ideal School And College, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Ideal School And College. This is 1st fan page of Ideal School and College in FB. Ideal School and College is an educational institution in Bangladesh. Although the school was set up to cater for the children of surrounding areas, students come from all parts of Dhaka. The school was founded on March 15, 1965. Following the inauguration till 1968 it was a junior school. In 1972 the school was converted into a high school. The students from the school participated in Secondary School Certificate (SSC) examination (O-level equivalent) for the first time in 1973. During the first 25 years the school kept its growth as a high school only (10 years of formal education). Following the demand and the requests from the guardians, a college (11th and 12th year of formal education) for female students was added in 1991. To make room for more students the administration opened a new branch on the occasion of the 30th anniversary in 1996. That branch started its activities at Rampura with 702 students. Faizur Rahman is the founder-headmaster of the institution. History: 1965: initiative taken. 1965: Establishing year. 1968: Turned on to Junior school. 1972: Turned on to High school. 1973: Students first participated on SSC. 1990: College section opened. 1996: Start of a new branch in Rampura Banasree project. 2003: Establishment of English version. 2007: Completion of a four-storied school campus in Banasree. 2010: Construction started for separate campus for English version. 2011: June 8, new branch is opened at Mugda, Dhaka. 2012: Authority decided to open English version on Banasree Branch. The institute has three campuses in Dhaka. This campuses locketed in Motijheel, Banasree (Rampura) & Mugda. Extracurricular activities: BNCC (Bangladesh National Cadet Corps) Scouting Games and sports Debating:IDC (Ideal Debating Club) English Society ISTARC (Ideal Science and Technology Aiming Research Council) Ideal School And College, Motijheel 1000 Dhaka Bangladesh
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Ideal School And College, Dhaka, Bangladesh

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