Barbie: Princess Charm School

Barbie: Princess Charm School is a direct-to-DVD, 2011-computer-animated film, directed by Zeke Norton, which was released on September 13, 2011 in the US and on August 28 in the UK. The film debuted on TV on the 22nd October 2011, when it was shown on Nick Jr at 5pm.PlotBarbie stars as Blair Willows, a young girl who lives within the kingdom of Gardenia with her sickly mother and younger sister, Emily, while working vigorously as a waitress in order to help support them.Upon returning home from a yet another long day of work at the "Cafe Gardenia," Emily is watching the annual "Princess Procession" on TV, which involves princesses from many other kingdoms coming to enroll at the original Princess Charm School (a magical, modern place which teaches dancing, how to have tea parties, and general, proper princess etiquette) in order to learn their full potential. In addition, each semester one commoner is also allowed enrollment if she wins the "lottery" that awards her a full scholarship, as well as the chance to become a "Lady Royal," a princess's most trusted adviser.On the TV, Blair, Emily and their mother, who later joins them, watch as the lottery winner is picked as Blair. Absolutely stunned by this, Blair then learns Emily had secretly entered her Blair's name many times per day. Initially, Blair doesn't wish to leave her responsibilities to her family behind, but her mother, who sees it as a good opportunity for her daughter (and, in turn, inevitably for their family, as well), manages to convince her. Blair parts ways with her family and leaves to go the school within a carriage driven by a man named Brock, who is an employee working there.At the school, Blair is greeted by a large Golden Retriever named Prince, which curiously takes an immediate liking to her. The Headmistress of the school, Alexandra Privet, finding Blair on the floor with Prince (who had previously toppled her over as a result of their meeting) then takes her to her locker, and explains things about the school along the way. Blair, at her locker, is suddenly met by a fairy named Grace, Blair's assigned personal princess assistant, as every student within attendance at the charm school possesses, as well.
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Barbie: Princess Charm School

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