Columbia Journalism School, New York, United States

Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism equips students with the skills and perspective they need to flourish in today's global media industry. Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism trains students from across the world to become accomplished, high impact journalists. We prepare our graduates to uncover important stories and explain complexities that the public must understand to navigate these challenging times. Our innovative programs have been honed for a century, providing students the foundation and opportunity not only to succeed, but to shape the future of journalism. Our degree programs, including a Master of Science degree, a Master of Arts degree and a Ph.D. in Communications, are intensive, rigorous and demanding. The Master of Science degree is a 10-month program appropriate for students who are interested in developing and honing their skills in journalism, using words, data, images and sound. Using New York City as their laboratory, students in the M.S. program learn how to think critically and deeply, to be both ethical and street smart. The deadline to apply is December 15. The Master of Arts in Specialized Journalism is a 9-month program appropriate for students who already have the bedrock skills of the profession, but would like to develop expertise in one of four areas: Arts & Culture, Business, Politics & Global Affairs, or Science, Environment & Health. Students in this program generally have significant professional experience already, and are ready to go deeper in their work. They take courses at the Journalism School and in other departments at Columbia University, depending on their area of specialization. The deadline to apply is December 15. Columbia Journalism School and The Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science have created a dual-degree Master of Science in Journalism and Computer Science. Students will receive highly specialized training in the digital environment, enabling them to develop technical and editorial skills in all aspects of computer-supported news gathering and digital media production. The goal of the program is for its graduates to help redefine journalism in a fast-changing digital media environment. The deadline to apply is January 15. The Doctor of Philosophy degree gathers and focuses the resources of Columbia University on a multi-disciplinary approach to the study of communications. Students craft individual courses of study drawing upon the wide array of departments and divisions at the university. In addition to the School of Journalism, these include the departments of political science and sociology; the professional schools of business and law; and Teachers College. Four students are chosen each year for the Ph.D. program. Each chooses to concentrate in one of three areas of study: journalism and public life, social impact of media & economic, legal, and policy aspects of communication. The deadline to apply is December 15. 2950 Broadway 10027 New York United States Call: (212) 854-8608
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Columbia Journalism School, New York, United States

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