East Aurora High School, Aurora, United States

East Aurora High School, , is a public, four-year high school located in Kane County, at the corner of Smith Boulevard and Fifth Avenue in Aurora, Illinois, a western suburb of Chicago, Illinois. It is the only high school in East Aurora Public School District 131.HistoryAccording to "The Educational History of Illinois", private subscription schools were taught by various teachers on the East Side of Aurora starting in 1834. The first class from East Aurora High School - four girls - graduated in 1867. The first high school was built on Center Street, and torn down in the 1960s.In August 1912, East Aurora High School opened a new, larger building on Jackson Street. The dedication ceremony was attended by the U.S. Commissioner of Education and Illinois Schools Superintendent Francis G. Blair. The total cost of the structure was $225,000, including $25,000 to buy the land. That building is now K.D. Waldo Middle School.The present East Aurora High School campus opened in 1957. The address for East Aurora High School is 500 Tomcat Lane, in Aurora, IL. Additions were made to the new high school sometime after 1989 school year, adding three stories to the East side of the school for math, science and English. Previous to 1989 there were three stories however a new addition was not put on until after 1988. The new addition is now the freshman classrooms, gym and cafeteria.Tomcats nicknameThrough the 1920s, the East High teams did not have an official mascot or nickname. The teams were often referred to as the “Red and Blacks", “East Warriors” or simply “East High”. But by 1934, the high school yearbook referred to the football team as the “Tomcats”. By 1945, all the high school teams had adopted the name. An article in the Sept. 30, 1931, East High Auroran hints that the name was in honor of legendary varsity football coach Glen Thompson, who was known more often as “Tommy”. Thompson had come to East Aurora High School in 1925, and proceeded to resurrect the football team. He was a successful basketball and track coach, and his football teams regularly won conference championships. For decades, the high school teams have been known as the Tomcats and nearly all the East Aurora middle and elementary schools use some sort of cat for their logo and nickname. 500 Tomcat Lane 60505 Aurora United States Call: (630) 299-8000
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East Aurora High School, Aurora, United States

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