Calabar High School, Kingston, Jamaica

Calabar High School is a prominent all-male, secondary school in Kingston, Jamaica. It was established by the Jamaica Baptist Union in 1912 for the children of Baptist ministers and the children of the poor blacks and was named after the former slave port Calabar, now in Nigeria. Today, it is considered one of the finest schools in the country, producing at least five Rhodes Scholars and is respected for its outstanding performance in track and field.HistoryEarly beginningsIn 1839, William Knibb, Thomas Burchell and James Phillippo, the three leading English Baptist missionaries working in Jamaica, moved for the creation of a college for training native Baptist ministers. Out of this effort, Calabar Theological College came into being in 1843, sited in the little village of Calabar, near Rio Bueno, in Trelawny Parish. The town Calabar was named by the Spanish after a town in Nigeria of the same name.In 1868, Calabar College was removed to East Queen Street, Kingston, where a "normal" school for training teachers and a high school for boys were added. Shortly afterwards, the high school was closed and the teacher-training activities ceased, leaving the practising school—now Calabar All-Age on Sutton Street—and the theological college, which was relocated at Studley Park (on Slipe Pen Road) in 1904. Call: (876) 931-9736
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Calabar High School, Kingston, Jamaica

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