Riga 1st High School, Riga, Latvia

Come to study in Europe. 7-12 terms. Best HIGH SCHOOL for international students. It doesn’t matter, how old are you. Don’t waste your time – the nearest admission will take place on 1st of September 2015. Study program is thoroughly compiled, carefully developped and realized by the best teachers. 10 reasons to study ar Riga 1st Secondary School: 1. Its is interesting, creative and modern to study by us. 2. Motivating study environment and the newest study methods. 3. Possibility to study at any form from 7th to 12th. 4. European certificate of secondary education. 5. Good marks for everyone, who studies good. And a big amount of good marks is the guarantee of a successful future. 6.Reasonable tuition fee. 7. Highly professional teachers. 8. More than 500 of our pupils will be glad to study together with you, to develop our school life in pupil’s parlianment, spend free time together and communicate. 9. Friendly environment. 10. International atmosphere. Don’t miss an opportunity to receive quality secondary education. Valdemara 26 LV-1010 Riga Latvia Call: +371 20 200 007
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Riga 1st High School, Riga, Latvia

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