Makeup by Geetika Chakravarti, Lucknow, India

Professional make up artist. Beauty advisor at Sephora, Toronto. Currently based in Lucknow. For Makeup appointments contact: 8601349777 Having lived in 7 countries - Switzerland, Bangladesh, Canada, India, Tanzania, Romania and Ireland - over a span of 23 years, I have come to one conclusion : Do what your heart desires! I graduated in Psychology from York University, Toronto but decided that my heart lies in beauty and makeup. My experiences and knowledge (including working at Sephora, Toronto) tell me that every person has features worth enhancing and makeup has the power to do just that. That is why I live and breathe make up! Thank you all for stopping by my page xx Ashok Marg 226001 Lucknow India Call: 8601349777
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Makeup by Geetika Chakravarti, Lucknow, India

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