Marine World, Lahore, Pakistan

Catchy is the call for Fish. Attractive colors and Diversity of shapes and sizes are readily available at Marine World. Ranging from smallest Marine Fish to Nose-Sharks, now everything can sustain your artificial Ocean environment. Marine World was initially started by hobbyists who were dedicated to provide excellent marine aquarium services locally to adorn your interior. Marine World has debuted a new trend line in salt water aquariums. It is a total service provider in commercial as well as residential aquariums. We are fully equipped with specialists and designers who know exactly how to address personal choices and preferences. We make sure that every aquarium we design and import, is different and unique from the rest. Marine World is maintaining a creative edge throughout Pakistan and is making sure to add on novelty everyday. It is an experience you will relish forever. Our company started with a zest to provide Quality aquariums in Pakistan. The need of time is to educate people the significance of professionally monitored Aquariums. Keeping marine fish at homes or work places is not enough ; It is their maintenance, which sustains life of marine animals and plants. People all around the World now know that anything works perfect if done by the right people. Fishes and other animals require controlled environment and we know how to provide it. We at Marine World are committed for professional excellence and quality. It is our landmark in the local marine industry. We want you to indulge into the most mesmerizing experience in your dwellings. It is a concept of showing aquatic life at its unique best. We have a combination of sea plants, sea animals, sea fishes, reefs,live rocks and of course salt water. To develop a trust with our customers to provide them the best customer services and our product with most excellently monitored maintenance. Our vision is to provide Quality and Professional excellence to the local as well as International industry. 34-10-B1 Township 54000 Lahore Pakistan Call: +923224177777
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Marine World, Lahore, Pakistan

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