Tracy Leonetti Business Services, Vallauris, France

A specialist in French Administration, Tracy Leonetti at LBS can find solutions to all your paperwork problems. Living in France is wonderful, but lets face it the French bureaucracy can be at the best frustrating and at the worst painful! LBS was created in 2012 by Tracy Leonetti to help people who are moving, living & working in France. Utilities set up, car registrations, setting up your business & troubleshooting your paperwork issues. Find top tips on this page to help you through some of those difficulties. Résidences du Parc, Bat Mimosas, M, 22 ave de Tapis Vert 06220 Vallauris France Call: +33 (0) 6 59 04 01 51
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Tracy Leonetti Business Services, Vallauris, France

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