FoodGenie, Karachi, Pakistan

FoodGenie is online food delivery & facilitation service Pakistan. Order now at sumptuous food awaits you! Online Food Delivery & Facilitation Service in Pakistan! . A dream to go beyond search-order-deliver! FoodGenie is the brainchild of a bunch of passionate gourmands looking to bring global service to every customer in Pakistan. It started with an unsatisfactory experience with a restaurant and grew to epic proportions. FoodGenie is not about plain-Jane variety, it is about quality. It is not about the cheapest options online, it is about affordable yet top-notch fare assembled with the customer in mind. In short FoodGenie is about a 5 star experience! The management team comprises of well-connected entrepreneurs who have roped in the most popular eateries of Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi and Islamabad to offer amazing deals and discounts without compromising the buyer expectations. FoodGenie is looking to build an easy to use service that rewards loyalty and stands up for excellent dining. Search-Order-Deliver is the old model. With FoodGenie it is Dream-Assemble-Enjoy! You dream it, you assemble your order and you enjoy a once in a life-time meal. We work in the background facilitating your pleasure. Just demand, your wish is our command. 76C 9th commercial street Khayban-e-jami 74500 Karachi Pakistan Call: 111-886-886
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FoodGenie, Karachi, Pakistan

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Found: 21.07.2015


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