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Specialized in Medical Exam Application Assistance such as NCLEX-RN/PN, HAAD Exam, DHA Exam, PROMETRIC Exam, Dataflow Application, NMC-UK, Exam and more... Nurse Exam Application Center (NEAC) as the pioneer in its field provides specialized services to professionals with regard to licensure procedures in countries other than their own from anywhere in the world. NEAC offers secondary and tertiary services to ensure that professionals are provided application preparation services for every aspect of obtaining, managing and keeping a license in the desired country. NEAC also serves in creating centralization to the diverse and various applications for foreign professionals to apply; in this way NEAC bridges the gap between the foreign professionals and the government offices and evaluation companies. NEAC was founded in 2007 by an American entrepreneur in order to assist international and state-side nurses with the NCLEX-RN application process. NEAC facilitates application preparation, certification and fee transfers to the State Boards of Nursing, third party credential evaluators and to the exam coordinator. NEAC is privately owned and provides professional services to make nurse licensure applications and other related process easy. NEAC is specially geared to facilitate the application process by assisting international nurses with the task of preparing their applications to obtain US Nursing licensure by NCLEX-RN Exam and sends the completed and error-free forms to the designated State Board of Nursing. NEAC is specialized in assisting nurses only with the NCLEX Application Process. NEAC is a legally established Company under DTI (Department of Trade and Industry) and it is certified. The incredibly complex and confusing decentralized NCLEX Application process is causing a major inconvenience especially to international nurses as well as Nursing Boards. Nurses constantly experience difficulty in understanding the complicated requirements of Nursing Boards. There are 50 States and 50 different sets of requirements. As a result of this complex system with severe a lack of available information for the applicants, Nursing Boards are receiving applications that are not complete. In most cases applications are being returned to the applicants and they are required to resubmit and in some cases pay additional fees in other cases the file may sit at the Nursing Board and applicants do not know why they have not yet received eligibility. Each applicant faces potential losses of hundreds of dollars if they commit even the most simple mistakes; there are late charges, renewal charges, FEDEX and DHL charges and much more. This is a financial burden to applicants and their families. International nurses are being charged the same fees as an American applicant with no price reduction to respect the difference in economies. The total amount a nurse needs to spend to take the NCLEX exam and gain licensure in the USA may exceed 8 times of his or her monthly salary as a nurse working in the Philippines. There are more than 30,000 applicants a year, if only one in five commits a mistake given all the costs associated with the most simple of errors this means that an applicant is losing an average of $200 per application and the Philippine economy is losing more than 56.4 Million Pesos. We know that most of the Nursing Boards are doing their best to serve the international nurses. However, they are in an disadvantageous position to assist nurses with their applications because of being unaware of the problems applicants face thousand of miles away from the United States and they don't have the facilities in the Philippines to provide such services. This is where NEAC comes in. NEAC is providing the facilities, infrastructure, software and highly trained expert Application Processing Officers to provide a smooth application processing and to stop financial losses. NEAC believes that by centralizing the NCLEX application process, most of the problems encountered will be minimized. Not only are individual nurses benefiting from this but also the Nursing Boards benefit as they are getting well prepared, mistake free applications that meet all their requirements and this minimizes processing time. As a result of NEAC's services Nursing Boards will be spending less time on each application and answer less phone calls to entertain inquires. NEAC has served thousands of NCLEX-RN applicants and we have never failed. Every applicant that has processed using our services has been able to take NCLEX and has enjoyed headache-free, stress-free application processing and has eliminated financial losses. How Can NEAC Do All This? Elbe Arnold Akman, MBA, PhD, the founder of NEAC, has been studying the methods behind NCLEX and the application processing for licensure in the USA since 2002. He studied the problems that international applicants have and used extensive and detailed surveys all across the Philippines, where the 80% of the international nurses are coming from to the U.S., to find out what specific problems nurses were having. Then, with the detailed data developed the specialized processing method used by NEAC. Coupled with Dr. Akman's intensive research is our specially trained team of professional application assistants. Each member of our office team is specialized in specific areas of the NCLEX process so that you receive the best handling possible for your application. We have expanded application services online which will be handled with the same care and professionalism by the same skilled staff that you would meet in our offices. v You don't have to take our word for it, NEAC has been awarded as the “2008 Best Quality Standards Nurse Support Services” by the Consumers Choice Awards Committee and the National Consumer Affairs Foundation and the “2008 Most Outstanding Pioneer Nurse Support Services” by Global Excellence Awards Committee and the Asia-Pacific Awards Council. Dr. Akman himself was awarded the status of “Global Achiever” for his unique and innovative work in creating NEAC and providing these services to nurses of the Philippines. There is nothing like NEAC in the Philippines and perhaps the world because no one has spent so much time collecting detailed information in order to create a system that effectively addresses all the problems known to have been encountered. As a result of this systematic development and with years of experience we at NEAC can guarantee that if you work with our services that we will secure your eligibility to test or we will refund ALL your money. 2F St. Thomas Square 1150 Corner P. Campa Street Espana Blvd.Sampaloc 1008 Manila Philippines Call: 63024850853
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NEAC Medical Exam Application Center, Manila, Philippines

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