How to Search for Reliable Information on the Internet

The Internet is an excellent source of information for health professionals. However, there are also all kinds of unverified data on the web that can muddle any search. So how do you search for reliable information on the Internet? There are several "tricks" you can use to filter the results of any information search. Discover them below and start using these criteria to learn more safely.

Use Google Tools:

Google is the most widely used generalist search engine today. However, the search engine has tools for more specialized searches. Take note of these two:

1.Google books

In Google Books, you can search for the most extensive catalog of complete books in the world. Not only do the bibliographic references appear, but you can also access a lot of content from those books.

2.Google Scholar

Google Scholar is one of the essential tools for students. This Google tool is used to search for all kinds of scientific and technical articles. The material that appears comes from the scientific, university, and professional community, which guarantees a high quality of information.

Online libraries

Online libraries are generally reliable sources of information. The good thing is that they give free access to thousands of documents such as books, videos, recent publications, or photos (among others) of the most varied topics.

Some of the libraries that you can consult online are:

Miguel de Cervantes Digital Library

World Digital Library


Universal Virtual Library

The Free Library

How do you know if a web article is reliable?

Unfortunately, not all the information on the Internet is verified and reliable. But some signs can give us an idea of whether the content is reliable or not:

Quality seals: Some organizations have created quality seals to include on trustworthy web pages to discern quality information from the rest. One of them is, for example, the HONcode. The Health on the Net Foundation Code of Conduct for medical and health websites addresses one of the Internet's main healthcare issues: the reliability and credibility of information.

Date of publication: If an author wrote an article a long time ago, it might already be outdated. On the other hand, some articles that wrote years ago are updated over time, which is a sign of trust. As a good website example, I can show you a platform I usually use to write my essay for me. It is updated regularly and has lots of new publications.

Author: much information that appears on the Internet comes without authorship. Articles that are signed allow us to know if the person who writes them is a reputable professional.

Bibliography: a quality article will always have at the end information about the sources consulted for its elaboration. This way, you will be able to go to the primary sources of information. Ensure that the articles have the proper authorities about where they have taken the data; they provide bibliographic quotations, interviews, or others. It is best to search in such a way that you end up directed to the primary sources. That is to say, if you are consulting specific research, go to the scientific journal that published it.

Finally, a piece of advice: don't just take the first Google result. Search, compare, and review.
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How to Search for Reliable Information on the Internet

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