Buy/Sell Rare Items/Collectables Using Online Classifieds App

Online classifieds app is an Ecommerce platform which allows the trade for refurbished items, rare item/collectables.When users had no option other than buying new products on online shopping, there emerged classifieds apps to greatly help users to purchase the used products on their affordable costs.This has bridged the thriving seller community with an interested buyer community.Advanced classifieds business platformOn a classifieds app, users don’t have any permanent tag marking them as sellers or buyers.They can either be sellers or buyers based on their demand.So to greatly aid the users on their process to sell/buy, an app should have the advanced features like,Buyers will prefer to know the category, condition and all details about the product listed by the seller - So it should have got product details feature.If any buyer is unable to afford the price of the product then he may request offer to the seller- So it should have got Make an Offer feature.Seller should be able to respond to the offer requested by the buyer easily- So it should have accept & deny offer on a click.If any seller like to give away a product then he can do it by listing it without mentioning it price added to other products he listed.For any queries, sellers and buyers will prefer to directly chat with each other, and seller can better explain the condition of the product with image sharing and buyer can let know his location to the seller- So it should have an instant live chat with image and location share.If any buyer couldn't afford the price of the sellers product, then buyer may request to swap the product of equal worth to the seller- For that it should have an Exchange to buy feature.For sellers, if any buyer is annoying him on the chat window he should be able to neglect them easily- so it should have chat block option and instead of typing of frequent repetitive phrases it is better to have chat templates.
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Buy/Sell Rare Items/Collectables Using Online Classifieds App

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Found: 10.08.2018


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