Technological Educational Institute of Crete, Heraklion, Greece

Located in Heraklion, the Technological Educational Institute of Crete was founded in 1983 to provide higher technological education to the students of Greece. According to laws Ν.2916/2001, Ν.3549/2007, Ν.3685/2008, Ν.3794/2009, it is a higher educational institute andAgricultural Technology They are assisted by the departments of general sciences, foreign languages, and physical education. Students at the TEI follow courses for four years. These courses include lectures and practical work in laboratories. In addition, they complete work placement and dissertations before graduating.Instruction at the TEI includes training in technological subjects and aims to help students to develop as skilled, responsible and qualified members of society. With a permanent teaching staff of 200 and approximately 10,000 students, the TEI is a thriving academic community with an extensive library, residential halls, sports facilities, and a health center.Language of instructionThe language of instruction at the TEI is Greek. Therefore, a good knowledge of Greek is essential for regular students. However, special arrangements are made for a certain number of courses for Erasmus students who wish to follow regular courses. After consultation with the teaching staff, students can register for certain courses, must study from English literature, and will be given a separate examination at the end of the term. Additionally, a few courses are taught in English, and there are plans for more.
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Technological Educational Institute of Crete, Heraklion, Greece

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