Olumawu Basic Education School

Olumawu Basic Education School is a school in Abuja, Nigeria.AcademicsThe Pre school programme caters for children from age two starting with play groups. The Nursery programme comprises a pre nursery class followed by Nursery classes 1 and 2.The Basic Education Programme for children of five years and above comprises primary one to six and the junior secondary classes. All pupils are examined through terminal exams, Continuous Assessment Tests which feature throughout the academic year in both the Pre School and the Basic School.The weighting applied to internal tests, assignments and homework, on the one hand and the examination at the end of the term differs between the Pre School and the Basic School. To be promoted to the next class a pupil would normally be expected to have obtained the set pass mark in the combined assessment of their performance in the exams and tests.School AnthemLift her name up, lift her fame up, The Great Olumawu School. Built on top of solid rock, with sound and solid education. Shining like bright morning star Service To God And Humanity Our motto always shall be, Our aim always shall be; Sound education and service to mankind, ohoooo Sound education and service to mankind.External linksOlumawu Basic Education School website
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Olumawu Basic Education School

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