56 Cafe & Restaurant, Amman, Jordan

We do not remember days; we remember moments. "Cesare Pavese" 56 Café and Restaurant offers a variety of international foods and drinks from all the different well-known and distinct kitchens; the Western with its multiple kinds, and the Oriental with its famous flavors and particularity; these dishes and glasses are offered in a hearty, comfortable, and distinguished atmosphere, accompanied by an exceptional service filled with the Ammani welcoming that brings joy and happiness. IF you love shisha then you just need to come to 56 , you can't have a great hookah without us we put total emphasis on your satisfaction ,56 Menu boasts the widest selection of flavored shisha tobacco, Our team has the extensive knowledge and experience to service all your hookah needs. Rainbow Street 11183 Amman Jordan Call: 079 8 56 56 56
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56 Cafe & Restaurant, Amman, Jordan

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Found: 26.07.2015


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