Chicago Bridge & Iron Company known commonly as CB&I, is a large multinational conglomerate engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) company. CB&I specializes in projects for oil and gas companies. According to one of the founder's heirs, "The old joke is that Chicago Bridge & Iron isn't in Chicago, doesn't build bridges and doesn't use iron."CB&I currently employs approximately 50,000 persons worldwide.Corporate Headquarters and LeadershipThe headquarters are located in the Hague, Netherlands. Current corporate officers are: President and CEO, Philip K. Asherman Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Ronald A. Ballschmiede Executive Vice President and Group President of Government Solutions, E. Chip Ray Executive Vice President of Global Systems, James W. Sabin Executive Vice President and Group President of Technology, Daniel M. McCarthy Executive Vice President and Chief Administration Officer, Beth A. Bailey Executive Vice President and Chief Legal Officer and Secretary, Richard E. Chandler Executive Vice President and Group President of Fabrication Services, Luke V. Scorsone Executive Vice President and Group President of Engineering, Construction and Maintenance, Patrick K. Mullen Senior Vice President, Fossil Power, Chuck WhiteHistoryCB&I was founded in 1889 in Chicago, Ill., USA, as Chicago Bridge & Iron Company, when Horace E. Horton, a bridge designer, agreed to merge business with George and William Wheelock of the Kansas City Bridge and Iron Company.While initially involved in bridge design and construction, CB&I turned its focus to bulk liquid storage in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, coinciding with the western expansion of railroads across the United States and the discovery of oil in the Southwest. CB&I quickly became known for design engineering and field construction of elevated water storage tanks, above-ground tanks for storage of petroleum and refined products, refinery process vessels and other steel plate structures.
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