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Wow Mali is the longest-running, multi-awarded and top-rated gag show in the Philippines aired over TV5 hosted by Joey De Leon. The show was discontinued on May 2007 but some episodes still aired on Wow Mali Bites and Wow Mali Express.On February 22, 2009, Wow Mali returned to TV5. Following the network's second reformat after Holy Week, Wow Mali was set to return on April 6, 2009, airing every Wednesday at 7:30 PM. The show was again discontinued on September 1, 2010 and was replaced by a spin-off show, Wow Meganon which lasted until April 8, 2011. It's 3rd incarnation aired on April 11, 2011 and ended on February 26, 2012. However the management decided to return the series this late 2013 as their 4th incarnation under a new name Wow Mali Pa Rin!.HistoryThe Philippines got its first taste of unpretentious, candidly-captured-for-TV Filipino humor on May 25, 1996 from reality-based comedy show WoW Mali, hosted by feted comedian Joey De Leon. Inspired by the America's Funniest Home Videos concept, WoW Mali features a plethora of video footage featuring practical jokes, bloopers and wacky segments, as well as solicited but equally hilarious video clips from the viewers. The actual stars of the show are men on the street - individual Filipinos, caught by the candid camera in bizarre and funny situations.Gaining CurrencyFrom its pilot episode, the innovative program's candid camera format increasingly gained popularity among viewers of all ages, even paving the way for countless WOW Mali clones that failed to topple the original show. Soon enough, WoW Mali became a household name, even adding a gem to colloquial lingo. "WOW Mali," or "NA-WOW-MALI AKO" is now the common expression whenever one makes a mistake or becomes the victim of a prank or a ruse.
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Wow Mali

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