KFC, Louisville, United States GUIDELINES FOR SUBMITTING CONTENT TO KFC The following guidelines outline how to submit a photo, video, or other digital image (“Content”) to KFC. Creating Content a. DO NOT use other’s property (e.g. copyrighted music, photos, videos, trademarks) or include images of others in Content without their prior permission to avoid violations of privacy, copyright and trademark laws. The Content must be original work, created solely by the person submitting. b. Be respectful and courteous to others. DO NOT submit Content that is lewd; obscene; sexually explicit; pornographic; disparaging; defamatory; libelous; violent; or derogatory of any ethnic, racial, gender, religious, professional or age group or that otherwise contains inappropriate Content or objectionable material as determined by KFC in its sole and unfettered discretion. c. The Content submitted may not show or promote unlawful activities or any activities that may appear unsafe or dangerous. d. The Content may not have been previously published and may not have won previous awards. e. If any other persons appear in the Content, the person submitting the Content shall obtain, prior to sending the Content, any and all releases and consents necessary to permit the exhibition and use of the Content as set forth in these guidelines including public disclosure of the Content. If any person appearing in any Content is under the age of majority in their state of residence, the person submitting Content shall obtain the signature of a parent or legal guardian approving such minor’s appearance in the Content and the use of such Content as set forth herein. f. The Content must not contain any personally identifiable information of any person other than the person submitting the Content. Should the person submitting Content include personally identifiable information about him/herself, that person acknowledges and agrees that such information will be disclosed publicly and the person submitting Content is solely responsible for any consequences thereof. g. The person submitting Content may not, nor may any person appearing in any Content: 1) be represented under contract (e.g., by a talent agent or manager) that would limit or impair KFC’s ability to display the Content in any media form; 2) have an acting, modeling or other contract or other obligation that would make their appearance in the Content a violation of any third party rights; or 3) be under any other contractual relationship, including but not limited to guild and/or union memberships, that may prohibit such person from participating fully in this Content, h. The person submitting Content grants KFC the right to use royalty-free, the Content worldwide in all media in perpetuity. i. The Content must not contain any third-party material, commercial content or logos. j. Each person submitting Content acknowledges that other people may have used ideas and/or concepts in their Content that may be similar in idea or concept to what is included in your Content. Each person understands and agrees that he/she shall not have any claim against any other Person or KFC arising out any such similarity or be entitled to any compensation because of any such similarity. k. ALL PERSONS SUBMITTING CONTENT MUST USE CAUTION AND COMMON SENSE IN CREATING THEIR CONTENT. BY PARTICIPATING, THESE PERSONS ACKNOWLEDGE AND AGREE THAT KFC WILL NOT HAVE ANY LIABILITY WHATSOEVER FOR ANY INJURIES, LOSSES OR DAMAGES OF ANY KIND, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO PROPERTY DAMAGE, BODILY INJURY OR DEATH, CAUSED BY OR IN CONNECTION WITH CREATING CONTENT. Submitting Content a. Submit a video and photographs to KFC via #HowDoYouKFC. The Content should NOT be shared with any other persons or on social media sites. b. By submitting any Content, you acknowledge that you have the legal right, permissions and authorization to submit Content and you grant KFC the right to publish, use and publicly perform the Content at KFC’s sole discretion, without limitation and without additional compensation, except where prohibited. c. KFC reserves the right in its sole discretion to remove Content at any time for any reason. COMMUNITY RULES Welcome to the Kentucky Fried Chicken Fan Page! We welcome you to interact with us and other KFC fans by posting comments, photos, and videos here. We want this to be a positive experience for our fans. KFC reserves the right to remove material that is not consistent with our values at our discretion. This includes posts that are: • Disrespectful to fellow community members • Abusive, defamatory, disturbing or obscene • In violation of any law or regulation • In violation of any copyright, trademark, privacy, publicity or other intellectual property right of another Fraudulent or deceptive in any manner • Linked to Web sites containing harmful or inappropriate content • Otherwise offensive, off topic or not in compliance with Facebook’s Terms and Policies Comments and opinions expressed on this page do not necessarily represent the opinions of KFC.Any content uploaded by anyone other than KFC is the responsibility of the submitter. Submission of any content grants KFC the right to publish, use and publicly perform such content, or any idea contained in such content in any way, and in all media for commercial, advertising, promotional or any other purpose without consideration to the submitter. Please note while this Facebook page is directed to US Fans, and contests and sweepstakes will be open to US residents only, we welcome all of our global Fans. Thanks for being a part of our community, let’s enjoy this space and connect with each other. Privacy Policy: Call: (800) 225-5532
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KFC, Louisville, United States

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