Paradise Valley, Morocco, Agadir, Morocco

Paradise Valley is a section of the Tamraght River valley in the Moroccan High Atlas mountains. It is located approximately 20 km north of Agadir. Paradise Valley in Agadir : This inland gorge is another great outdoor recreation destination near Agadir. Mountain trails lead to Berber villages, and waterfalls at Ida Ouatanane tumble off the cliffs during the spring. The winding gorge is filled with palm trees, and the chance to visit a traditional Berber village is a real treat. It's a full daytrip, but well worth the effort. --- The Story Of Paradise Valley : Paradise valley in morocco is around 35 kilometers away from taghazout and also 45 kilometers from agadir. the local legend says that jimi hendrix gave paradise valley its name in the 1960s. Whether this story is true or not, fact is that paradise valley has been a huge meeting point for the hippie generation and also these days there are still small rainbow gatherings in this area of morocco. People from morocco also tell another story about paradise valley: once upon a time (in the 60s or 70s) there has been a hippie couple in morocco. the woman got sick and the couple went to paradise valley near agadir and taghazout for her to get better. the legend says that because of her fast recovery the valley is called paradise valley. Probably, we will never know the true story but paradise valley in morocco indeed looks like paradise and it’s truly worth a visit! you are trekking through thousands of palm trees next to a river with turquois water, beautiful flowers and then you see river pools, little waterfalls, awesome rock formations and… cliff jumpers! for those of you who visit taghazout or agadir and are not so much into romantic walkings, this is the place in paradise valley where the fun starts. Hundreds of actionseekers come to paradise valley in morocco to jump into the river from the high cliffs above. don’t be afraid, it’s absolutely safe, if you have a guide with you who knows the topography of the area and the deepness of the water in the river pools in paradise valley. Stories and legends about paradise valley near taghazout and agadir are coming and going, but we hope that the beauty will stay – please don’t throw your garbage away, take it home with you to keep paradise valley our small little paradise in morocco. Route d'Imouzzer 80000 Agadir Morocco Call: +212 6 42 27 49 82
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Paradise Valley, Morocco, Agadir, Morocco

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