How To Change DLink Wireless Router Password

DLink routers are known worldwide as the best networking devices. They make way for an internet connection so smoothly that the users rarely face any hassles. Although routers are complicated devices for those who use them for the first time there is no need to worry if you want to make any alterations to the configurations of DLink routers. Read More This guide is about changing the wireless password of your device to make it more secure and safe. Users can reach out to DLink Router tech support if they face any kind of problems in the whole procedure. It must be kept in mind that the router models are different according to their specifications but the password change process remains almost the same. Related Post : How to Change Wireless Settings on DLink Router? As all routers have their varied settings procedure, DLink routers are also on the same lane. Changing the password is quite a simple procedure it will involve just three steps. Experts generally recommend the users that passwords should be modified from time to time. It enhances the shelf life of the router as well as keep it shielded. So just need to perform the given steps one by one so as to avail the expected results. Solution: How to change DLink Wireless Password The steps that are given below are for changing the wireless password of the DLink router. You must follow them as properly. Step 1: Access the Router Open a web browser on a device connected to the internet Enter the default IP address of your DLink router Step 2: Sign in Type admin as the username Leave the password field blank or fill in ‘admin’ Perform a soft reset on your router if you are unable to log in Step 3: Change the password Click the Setup tab and then select the wireless settings in the left menu Choose the security mode Click Enable WPA2 Wireless security as it is the most secure way to protect your network Select the passphrase field Type in the password you want to use. Also, make sure that it does not contain any characters and is unique Enter the password again in the Confirm passphrase field After entering click on the save settings button Now you can connect any wireless device by filling in the new password It should be taken into account that the password must be kept strong and un-guessable. Never put your personal details such as mobile number, date of birth or names as your password as these are very common. Moreover, you must ensure that if the password is hard and unique, your router will also remain safe from the unknown people accessing it. If you have any further queries related to the browser then you must directly get in touch with DLink router customer service that stays accessible 24 hours of the day. The team of professionals will rectify the trouble you are confronting in very limited time.
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How To Change DLink Wireless Router Password

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