Eric A. Shelman, Author, Cape Coral, United States

Books By Eric A. Shelman, Author Eric Shelman is an author living in southwest Florida, on the Gulf Coast. He's been married 27 years to his wife, Linda, and he currently has eleven books out. 2 are based on the true story of Mary Ellen Wilson - the first abused child in America to be successfully rescued from her home (in 1874, and saved by the ASPCA!) and 9 novels. Six of them are in his Dead Hunger zombie series, one is a serial killer novel, A Reason To Kill, one is a witch novel called Generation Evil, and the last is a time travel / serial killer novel called Shifting Fears. This page is dedicated to fans of Eric's books, both already written and those to come!
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Eric A. Shelman, Author, Cape Coral, United States

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